like, what IS real, man…

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November 29, 2012 by miracleparade

I often find myself on the receiving end of quite a few good-natured barbs when I wax philosophic about the ultimate design of the cosmos. Though by no means am I even a novice at the study of the mathematics behind physics (though I truly hope to be someday) I do fancy myself quite a hobbyist on the subject, and to my credit, I do have a good conceptual grasp of many physical laws and theorems.

I read physics books almost exclusively (to the irritation of my girlfriend, an avid reader, who tries desperately to get me to branch out) and when you immerse yourself in physics long enough you are bound to start to have a different perspective on reality. That’s the nature of the subject: physicists poke and prod at reality, trying to tease out the deep underlying mechanics of it all – and dammit if some of what they find isn’t the most bizarre stuff you’ve heard. When you poke and prod reality, you’re bound to discover some strange things.

That leads to the inescapable fact that you often can’t discuss these things with friends without expecting the aforementioned goodnatured teasing. And it is fully warranted, because talking about physics makes you sound either:
a.) Crazy
b.) Stoned
c.) Both

Did you know that IF space is infinite – then there are an INFINITE amount of “yous” reading this very sentence… RIGHT….NOW….

Wooooooah, man.

But it’s true. And its not a subject that physicist take lightly or with discuss while passing around a joint. It actually is a problem that they work on: and the discovery of the TYPE of universe we live in (finite, infinite, flatspace, curvedspace, etc…) is a discipline of physics that people spend their whole lives on.

I came across this article that demonstrates a perfect example of how something that seems SO dismissible and SILLY is a seriously considered theory in the physics community and has actual evidence that points towards it being the true nature of our universe.

We live in a computer. No WAY, man.

Check out the article HERE.


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